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The Gallery


At Gallery Go Go, everyone is considered a part of the creative community, because everyone is encouraged to experience the expression of local art as radical joy. In this reimagined mall space, people are transported to a culturally intersectional artistic experience that blends music, visual art, design, fashion, language and special events. They learn how art speaks to the heart of Portland and feel a sense of belonging to their inner creative selves. 


Portland folks can engage with other creatives through a variety of membership options in this unique and inclusive art space –  reinforcing the innovative and cross-pollinated expression of the Portland arts scene, where radical joy inspires an everyday experience of art as the everyday experience. Creatives, even those freshly minted or those not-yet-ready-to-identify-as-artists, can connect with one another, and feel a sense of belonging, while developing their own skills and professional identities in the accelerator or critique circle programs regardless of age, race, gender or income level. 


Art enthusiasts, and tourists, in Portland can trust that Gallery Go Go is curating a fresh, relevant, surprisingly delightful and fun collaboration space that allows everyone to participate in making Portland the creative capital of the West Coast.

Gallery Go Go offers exhibition space for local artists, with focused awareness of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ creatives and educational opportunities. We host a variety of workshops, exhibits, shows, and special events, plus our twice-monthly urban art hike around downtown PDX! In addition, the gallery hosts an artist accelerator and artists’ critique circle for budding and established artists to develop their craft and understand the industry with a revolutionary level of access and transparency within a cohort model. 


This cross-pollinating combination of local art, educational experiences, and creative community support Gallery Go Go in its mission to breathe some fresh humanity into the arts community of Portland in a surprisingly fun, fresh, and irresistibly inspiring new way. 

GGG is a haven for creatives and makers alike, putting Portland on the map as the arts capital of the West Coast.



Because art can be inspirational, optimistic, joyous, healing, funny, and connect people across their differences... but only if they can find it!



Throughout the gallery, you’ll find invitations to bring art down to earth and into your life — to have fun, challenge your assumptions and emerge with a lighter spirit.

Browse through  3,000 square feet of space and you’ll discover prints from up-and-coming artists, playful sculptures, and wearable pieces including jewelry and textiles. You’ll also find a huge assortment of books on creative personal development and installations that encourage you to interact with the space.




Gallery Go Go partners with Gango Editions to make affordable, high-quality prints for collectors. Visit the gallery to learn more about printing. Gallery Go Go features artists selected through open-calls, collaborations with art organizations and curated events.

GGG encourages artist’s financial stability through affordable fine art prints, workshops and by providing space for  grant-funded artists. Follow on instagram for calls for artwork, events and projects.



GGG’s hosts a variety of art, music, fashion and literary-related events. Contact Azure Attoe about booking space for creative collaboration. 

Gallery Go Go is an example of the city coming together post-pandemic, activating space and supporting a uniquely creative Portland experience to share with the world.




My mission is to connect people through art. I’m currently focused on creative retail, digital exhibitions, and painted illustrations. I’ve done research into the future of art and business with Portland State University, Creative Capital, and Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London. Art can be inspiring, and transformative, and connect people across their differences, but only if they can find it. I’ve created an art oasis in Downtown Portland Oregon, within the relaxed, accessible space of Pioneer Place Shopping Center.

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