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For new and existing artists to develop and grow into their passion and professional selves, this community space has two programs. The artist accelerator and the artists’ critique circle offer legitimizing gallery experiences to those that are able to participate and honor this commitment to be part of the cohort and space.

Check out our artist programs below!



Pending Acceptance



An 8 week commitment to take your fine art practice to the next level within a cohort model. We host a new cohort quarterly.

THis program is for you if...
  • You plan to turn your art into a product for sale

  • You want to understand how to show at a gallery from start to finish

  • You want to craft an artist statement

  • You want to understand where and how to market your art for the biggest impact

  • You are supportive of other artists and thrive in a collaborative environment 

  • You are at least 21 years old, out of school or in a master’s program

You'll Receive...
  • $200 credit toward printing & scanning*

  • Explore how your prints will show on a variety of different papers

  • Learn how to price your art 

  • Lists of art fairs and potential galleries to show your work

  • Information on promoting your work sustainably and independently so you are ready for open calls and new galleries when they are looking for artists

  • Support building out your social media portfolio 

  • The chance to exhibit at Gallery Go Go in group show during the last two weeks of the program

  • A final review

  • A reception to celebrate your completion of the program final review

  • An individual marketing/ identity postcard made for the show

  • Participation in a weekly cohort meeting

Pending Acceptance


An 8-week feedback loop for 12 artists in active creative practice. New programs start every 2 months. Applications open on a rolling basis.

THis program is for you if...
  • You are actively and regularly creating art

  • You would like to grow and develop your practice with real time feedback on your work

  • You can communicate your needs for feedback in a concise and focused way

  • You are willing to commit to 6 out of the 8-weekly meetings

  • You are supportive of other artists

  • You are open minded about a variety of artistic practices

  • You are inspired by other people actively working and creating 

  • You are looking for more accountability in your creative practice

  • You are at least 21 years old

  • You are willing to communicate professionally, sensitively, and respectfully*

  • You consider yourself a professional artist 

You'll Receive...
  • The chance to learn from your peers

  • Feedback on a specific topic you determine weekly, from your peers – limit 1 question/week/person

  • Accountability and community

*This is not group therapy. Anyone who is unable to communicate respectfully to the group will be asked to leave the circle. We ask that you take No recordings or photos – We are building a community of intimacy, privacy and trust. Any violations of these considerations are grounds for immediate expulsion from the program at any time.

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