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A Day in the Life of a Gallery Go Go Intern

My name is E.

I'm an intern at Gallery Go Go.

On a typical day at Gallery Go Go I start of by getting here usually before most other employees in the mall, and turn on all the lights in the gallery. I make sure that everything is looking clean, and make sure that all of the art that's hanging on the walls is straight and level. I usually spend around half an hour doing routine maintenance on the website, making sure that the formatting is correct, the title is still there, and that the mobile version of the site is working.

What happens throughout the rest of the day sometimes depends on what events are coming up, what needs to be installed where, and which artists are in the gallery working on their art. However, when there isn't an event, a big installation, or an artist in the gallery, I still have work to do. I often take product pictures for the website, and edit them to make sure that they look good enough to be uploaded. Another thing that I regularly do is frame and hang new art that comes in. That also sometimes includes taking down art that's been on the walls for a while. Another thing I regularly do is work on the website, doing more than just general maintenance. I often change things that aren't that noticeable, like slight changes to the URL and uploading the tiny icon that's on the website tab next to the name of the site.

However when there is an event coming up or a big installation that needs to happen, that takes priority. I have worked on multiple of the mini galleries that are former dressing rooms. For example, before the big Francoise Weeks fashion show, "Where the Sidewalk Ends", part of my job was covering the walls of one of the mini galleries with gold foil and hanging up pictures of Francoise's work. And for the show itself, part of my job was moving things over to the event space, doing light design and setting up the lights, and essentially stage managing the event. During Portland Winter Lights Fest, I worked on lighting up Joel Conroy's Lil Planets piece.

Gallery Go Go is an amazing place to work, and I'm really happy and proud to be an intern here.

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